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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

3. 5. 2007
Start games with parameter -developer (i. e. maxpayne2.exe -developer). Then on side keys [~] button-down bracket and type following code :

clear                - rub out text from consols

clr                  - rub out text from consols

what-Der                - immortality, all armature, health, without any stint ammunition

god                  - immortality

Mort-Al               - thrust forth nesrmtelnost

getallweapons        - all armature

quit                 - call

showfps              - display fps

showextendedfps      - display extensive fps

getberetta           - add berettu with 1000 ammunition

getbullettime        - bullettime

getcoltcommando      - add coltcommando with 1000 ammunition

getdeserteagle       - add dessert Eagle with 1000 ammunition

getdragunov          - add Dragunov with 1000 ammunition

getgraphicsnovelpart1 - 1. part story

getgraphicsnovelpart2 - 2. part story

getgraphicsnovelpart3 - 3. part story

gethealth            - add 1000 health

getingram            - add Ingram with 1000 ammunition

getkalashnikov       - add Kalashnikov with 1000 ammunition

getmolotov           - add Molotov cocktail with 1000 ammunition

getmp5               - add MP5 with 1000 ammunition

getpainkillers       - add 1000 analgetic  

getpumpshotgun       - add pumpshotgun with 1000 ammunition

getsawedshotgun      - add sawed-off shotgun with 1000 ammunition

getsniper            - add sniper gun with 1000 ammunition

getstriker           - add striker gun with 1000 ammunition

jump10               - jump 10 higher

jump20               - jump 20 higher

jump30               - jump 30 higher

showhud              - start HUD

help                 - display list of all debugovacich order


Tips :


1) Nesnazte with play this games such as Mafii, or GTA - these games lack bully-off time. So that with nesnazte it do so, that yourself squat behind horn and fire away -  it you long no-holds. Exploited retardation jumps, in major-companies among jumps used bully-off time [genuine mice]. Bullet with throws and at snajpovani, when played behind Monu.

2) couple minuteness, thanks whereby you needn't read whole instruction (keep in mind is) :

- zvihejte all possible phones

- unarmed nicol no-kill, rather yourself run first any find

- windows innocent of glass with puts skirt - often faces way very this way

- sometimes with you must pass back from where you are came

- checking all door, perhaps there would be armature, painkillers etc .

- inquired for mirador and scaffolding behind by all the quoins

- when have you a little time, so with expiry and gather to armature and bracket   round     cadavers

3) armature :

and) Secondary :

1. Bombshells - strong explosive with small reach, or with is throw about, but till is throws somebody else, so bacillus !

2. Molotov stutterer - combustible with tolerable reach. Hoot is, when him pop into crowd.

3. Melee - near onslaught. When you get chamber.

b) Primary :

1. (Dual) Bereta 9mm - appeal revolver, but will you have better, so that you serve only on start of.

2. (Dual) dessert Eagle - sqela revolver. Preferable to Bereta, that is why her to you can better apply (incidentally in real weigh Eagle 3,5 kg, that is why is virtually impossible fire away from two all of a sudden and pitch possibly and elephant on five fingers).

3. Striker - very effective thing. Largely when fire away to the crowd. Worse at a distance. Fastest from scattergun.

4. File away scattergun - very effective thing. Largely when fire away to the crowd. Worse at a distance. Little naboju in chamber.

5. Pumpovaci scattergun - very effective thing. Largely when fire away to the crowd. Worse at a distance. Proper chamber (nejcastejsi I am her to have been using on supplies with gunslinger. Burn out to the back couple ran from scattergun and success is warranted).

6. MP5 - quick-firing rifle. Fact superfast with approximation, but it is fact only symbolic.

7. (Dual) Ingram - classical uzi. Efficacious on start of, interesting in dual modulus.

8. MP4 carbine - when be sick of ammunition, so her to not long ago out of hand. Is consummate.

9. Kalasnikow - I I am Kalash never disliked, but switched be true to type put on - perhaps nejvyuzivanejsi thing on side. Simply sqela.

(counsel... to skacete so flix forwardly start skull in tejto hre armature netahaju so-called zabudnita on strielanie after davkach)

10. Dogun - sqely sniper, but otherwise is inching (only one shot in jump).

11. Painkillers - I've never with them didn't have problem. Used with buttons



4) you want see Monu naked ?

So start games with parameter -developerkeys. A then inquired for with the aid of

[PageUp] and [PageDown]. Fastest her to find, when you are with Monou and once press [Page Up]. Then when with you want better view, pressing only [F3] and dart turning.

5) perception : it I think don't you know, that wherewith they are o'clock more yellow, thereby vic with

slow time. It I am yourself notice, that when they are mostly yellow, so in

bully-off-time-reload he'll ride round camera and you with you can rozhlednout.

6) this function in Max Payne 1 and 2 :

When do you get me? Shootdodge, so with you saturating ammunition. In twos when have you 0

ammunition, so it malfunction, but when have you more ammunition, so it function.


7) you can :

- let go waters to the sink

- wrench toilet paper

- flush away water closet

- play on piano

- press on keyboard

- accost automatic machine drinking and press E clear out tin

- let go waters from drum drinking

- look on movies in PT = PHYSICAL TRAINING

- thrust forth PT = PHYSICAL TRAINING

- open fight

1. tip :

Fire away enemy to the heads, just one full address stroke and it is all over with him.

cheat :

help - zobrazi instructions


8) Nezapomente open up black supplies. Be in they interesting things. But always answer the door only either, at what coin.


10) armature : what weapon type, such catch it. Is need type exact terms

title :


getMolotov Cocktail

getDesert Eagle

get9mm pistole


getPump-Action Shotgun

getSawed-Off Shotgun



getM4 Carabine



getSniper jeans

11) as late as chapteru 1 and part 7 creep out out and will you walk scaffolding, so beyond again withdraw in, be about small tip. Till you will see fellow, how be shot and fall out of windows, so nechodte next murderer, but go ahead along after ledge. Thereby with catch it to the secret rooms, with a number of candle and remembrance of man on photo !


12) error games :

V part 2 : Prologue they are just outside start games two typci, who show on calves. When yourself in face of this television rise, thrust forth her to and drop in quickly on them, so the to the left her to remote operating start. As far as this outage  several times replay, so with stop peliculiar thing. No nothing no-press and nevertheless with television start. As that perhaps affected ?


13) tip :

As far as you are play May Payna 1, rather you are exploited bully-off bombshells (jumps to the as regards). V Max Paynovi 2 with it quickly unteach and get used use bully-off he (scamper at buletu), because in twos will slower only your enemy, but you with will you move always in the same way quickly nor as in Max Paynovi 1, where you it slow till much.


14) you want Non-Stop BulletTime ?

Progress : button-down games with parameter -developerkeys. Pressing [PageUP]/[PageDN] and change yourself stature (just about some !). Jump BulletTime ([CTRL] + dart) - presently at once switch-over back on original Maxe. Result : Max will run in BulletTimu NON-FREEZE!


15) Hexeditujte, preferably programme Magic Trainer Creator :

028E366C, 06122EA0          - bullet

005ACD38,023DC183, 028E964C - painkilleri


16) couple tip :

Tip on buy chamber (empty) :

I don't know, what is this for good, but yet. When Max replenish, pressing secondary

onslaught, but must be set to the meele.

Skakanie in leveloch :

When skirt and Hard level, reopening New Game and hopping down would have be

skipping in levelech.

Splendid trick :

90% of what what after to you fires, you persecute. When edge some door,

so they boil and stand up hard upon him. Robber with is temptation open, but

Max him door flump to the mug and he fall. At that moment there seizing and dispose of him (enemy with puts knock down and somersault or abrupt for him).

Effect :

Relish yourself pretty 3D effect. Killed at least three enemy all of a sudden, button-down bully-off time and pressing trickle charging. When it photo ([PrintScreen]), is it fit like background.


17) tips :

1. When have you almost empty chamber and have need of yourself quickly load, wrick on other weapon and then again backward and marvel world - zasbnik abound with.

2. When played Empire State Minute and have need of load, button-down yourself bulett time and then pressing [R]. During loading freeze everyone enemy together with gambling club sometimes.

3. When have you Striker and walks against you more enemy, nemirte at any rate to the heads, but rather yourself it head for so (as far as is it possible), so that environment of that 1st and pitch second, because Striker is the only weapon, that is of that able (as far as untold other scattergun in the event of hit to the necking).

4. Error games : as far as jump from very heavy expenses highs, die once, beyond go against.


18) when in part 1 and chapter 4 find  2 older gammer, manslaughter is (first you must slain scattergun and second any projectile armature). You will hear shot, like should you have on armature inhibitor.              


19) strains "loves" : in mission MILLION DOLLAR QESTION, directly secede from abstract 2x bent left and jdete to door. When will you want come up to, run riot you strains (this is very COOOL). Doporucuju you-listen to WHOLE !


20) this play has two ends. Normal and secret. V normal Mona die, in secret survive she and Max. As far as neverite, go get Czech and install. Then with view to the Max Payne 2/data/database/graphicnovelpages/files/textures and there open pictures 22_Secret_End_02.dds till 22_Secret_End_06.dds (it is possible open possibly in XNVIEW or some programme on pictures).


21) V mission part I Chapter 1 with catch it to door, where's video with mechanic. After videos with look here left and ejhle - how there are you box tag together, it looks like if something sneaking and it indeed yep - on top near rack they are nawab to the "Igram", but it isn't everything. When with catch it to the rooms, where's they are 2 mechanic, who yourself it with you want deal (These are the the very first two), so till is mow, jdete to vysokozdviznemu trolley (has after left hand in corner bilboard with title "RAGNAROCK"). Come up to him from the right and keys [Enter] start uplift. Till wear off barrels down, jump out on board and then jump to next box and then on next after of your right hand. Ejhle what's here ? Garnet, 9mm Ammo and Painkillers - it behoove no ?


22) tips :

1) play on 3. burdensomeness - Dead he Arrival :

- antagonist they are high accurate

- games you can put only 4x during one’s chaps

- at the end Mona no-die (secret end)

- is it fact hard to

2) "Late goodbye" - music from credits :

- in PART I CHAPTER 5 yourself her to lilt bedmaker

- in PART I CHAPTER 7 her to cleaner play the piano 

- from time to time yourself her to some antagonist whistling

3) Shootdodge(W/A/S/D + Lshift) is unreal bit :

- at flight to the earth with Max/Mona can face round about her axes

- as that Max/Mona holds, well enough splitting

- try to yourself it at home (yipe)

4) couple perception to those, who yourself install Czech, or he can speak English :

- in third ephialtes they are two televizory and be done on they matters, that have

Max haven't seen :

    in first is piece Captaina BaseballBata - doporucuju peer into ends

    in the second you will see how Mona wound Vlada to the hands

- on police station (PART II PROLOGUE) upstairs is fellow, which says

  cop statement - good idiocy

- when you enemy neocakavaji, mostly say srandovni message


23) till will you play otiznost Dead he Arrival, nesnazte with much attempt life, because in every chapteru is licensed brand put games only 4x !


24) 3 tips to PT = PHYSICAL TRAINING in Max Paynovi :

1) till run against any PT = PHYSICAL TRAINING, give protracted time. A be about CHYBKA !! Your

movement with though slow down, but time in PT = PHYSICAL TRAINING no.

2) watch in PT = PHYSICAL TRAINING advertising.

3) two precious advertising :

First is advertisement on burning sex on the telephone, where gets off prostitute, which

you (even and with displaced persons) help in politick  strana 1, chapteru 5.

Alternative is advertisement on Painkillers (chink analgetic), that have using Max



25) tip : During games with from time to time catch it to the situation, when Max states below any platform, on that is some enemy and you with struggle, that it hunt up to the zad. At that time with view above themselves and enemy you will see like round black shadow. Then have not problem with shock effect on nepriteluv account.


26) tip :

Try to yourself in Max Paynovi 2 jumpnout till down to the repellent fabric. V mission The Million Dollars you can jump for either hut on second and before long be down (I don't know certainly whether it walks and without matrix fashion paper). As far as will you want, you can with even call in burial rooms. There with catch it so, that since opening windows you will go along after ledge till run against small lighting room ;-).


27) tips :

1) till will you in mission Million Dollar Queastion on mirador, so with view on billboard over street. The best girl is from previous mission, where you are with she fight as well as is in police station, about some story below, beyond starting.

2) V police station jdete about storey below beyond starting. Research breafing room and there with projection pictures from one next mission. Too you can in same storey it get on for station lavatories. One is engaged, but you can jump out and thanks the make to the box...

3) good game is derive benefit from surprise. Always carefully regard with behind horn and let me see, beyond enemy get on our post and stay there. Then get behind any crimp and huddle up, level per head, button-down bulltettime and shoot in. Beyond with thrust forth bullettime will everyone kaput and nor won't you know how to.

With sniperkou (Dragunov) is it even venial.

4) used bombshells ! You can thanks they clean whole room. Exploited of what that with parry from walls.

5) V PART 1, CHAPTER 7 manslaughter fellow near piano (see way 3) and then using piano (defaultne [E] who doesn't know) and Max play song from menu.

6) as far as have no ammunition and edge enemy, let me see till receipt near and then at him jump Shootdodgem (dart + LSHIFT) and he fall.


28) tips :

To ends third chaps, how have you the dream of her deaths, them to a table in of your office by typing "WAKE UP, YOU ARE LAND COMPUTER GAME" ;)

As soon as you will hear some talk (e.g . two villain), nezabijejte is at once, but ear is. Mostly These are srandovni gup, e.g . :

1: Come actor it me!

2: Indeed way, iam fear of highest!

1: Aargh

2: Are you down all right???


29) V advertising on gold whisky gets off very MONA ! Till pass chapter 1 in part III, will succeed komix, in which you will see billboard on gold whisky, on that is MONA.

Till will you play part II, chapter 6 (mission behind Monu), so till reach the opening, where should have been door, but are not there, so up creep one manas from commando. Till jump down down (from where crept), stand up excepting margin surface coverage wood and gone protracted jump. Mona with catch arm and will stand on stake from scaffolding, then you can composedly again protracted abrupt land on platform and nothing with you no-stop ;about). Definitely check-out !!