Jdi na obsah Jdi na menu

Need For Speed: Underground

3. 5. 2007
In face of by typing some of the following code jdete to the main menu, then

to the menu Statistics, jdete back (pressing [DELETE] or [BackSpace]) and at last enter one code :

gimmesomecircuits - unlock circuits

gimmesomesprints  - unlock fast circuits

gimmesomedrag     - unlock slow circuits

gimmeppablo       - Petey Pablo (Mitsubishi motor Eclipse)

gotcharobzombie   - Rob Zombie (Nissan 350 Z)

havyamystikal     - Mystikal (Toyota Celica)

needmylostprophets - Lost Prophets (Nismo Nissan Sentra)

119focus          - unlock car Ford Focus

893neon           - unlock car Dodge Neon

899eclipse        - unlock car Mitsubishi motor Eclipse

371impreza        - unlock car Subaru Impreza

222lancer         - unlock car Mitsubishi Lancer

922sentra         - unlock car Nismo Nissan Sentra

667tiburon        - unlock car Nissan Tiburon

334mygolf         - unlock car Volskwagen Golf

77peugeot         - unlock car Peugeot 206

777rx7            - unlock car Mazda Rx 7

350350z           - unlock car Nissan 350z

111skyline        - unlock car Nissan Skyline

221miata          - unlock car Mazda Miata

2000s2000         - unlock car Honda S2000

889civic          - unlock car Honda Civic

228supra          - unlock car Toyota Supra

240240sx          - unlock car Nissan 240Sx

342integra        - unlock car

239celica         - unlock car Toyota Celica

973rsx777         - unlock car Mazda Rsx 7

allmylvloneparts  - unlock all lion in 1. vykonostni parts

allmylvl2parts    - unlock all lion in 2. vykonostni parts

seemylvl2parts    - unlock all lion in 2. visual parts

driftdriftbaby    - unlock null drift circuits

slidingwithstyle  - unlock physics driftage

givemenismo       - Nismo Nissan Sentra


Till will you have in championship possibility buy Nisan 350Z, so him unrecommended. Is though truth, that compared to Acura RSX (somewhere be about she wrote) have about some patch in heat Speed and Handling vic, but that doesn't mean, that excel. V turning with him (i. e. with Nisanem 350Z) you can rewind about 90°-180°.

As far as yourself you want play some race or with some by car, that have have not, just have Internet (incorporate) and option what will you want.


1. When press keys [sleeping] (spacebar), so catch it turbo and go faster. Turbo cannot press all along. Have you designate around about 10 seconds on some track.

2. V those games is far too much shortcuts. One you will see and ourselves and one investigate with so, that there go your opponent.


When race (no  underground), excel no-race, but do all idiocy  - dragging so - come in on for it lot credit.

Indeed further hereto counsel what smithereens they are best - when pass close aboard automobiles, so catch it hundreds of, but next time already 200, 300, and get along so until petistovky (mustn't it with thereinto automobiles damage - for it be up to -50 and motoring from the start). Then even is good stop on the spot and press darts forward and on the right (left it doesn't go!) and car start to do o'clock - apiece wheel they are two hundreds of, but reads it only first 3 wheels, then possibly when with catch it to the skid, so with pain in him what longest endure (dart forward and then alone in turns on the right, left according to situation).