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Operation Flashpoint

2. 5. 2007
Keep [left Shift] and pressing [Keypad -] on screen, that is state       in brackets behind cheatem. Let go keys and write appropriate code :

   savegame   - storage games (Gameplay Screen)

   endmission - end mission (Gameplay Screen)

   campaign   - unlock all lion (Main Menu)

   topography - imposes map island on HDD, altogether enough detailed, also                     big - nibble about 14-16 MB (Main Menu).

Function and in CZ version games ! In version GOLD is said just only hold [Shift] and already you can type cheaty.

2) God mode:

   Start games and start play some lion. Then napiste "iwillbetheone"

   and deify. According to one source this cit malfunction in CZ version       games.

             (near point 1 and 2 isn't be sure that function and in Czech version !! )

   Remark : with longing games is it evidently complicated. From one's user         we are with dozvedeli, that articles 1 and 2 perhaps haywire nor in US version. So that          as far as is it just now Your case, so with over us nezlobte and should you reveal       functional code, don't hesitate and write.

3) how put games more than once  

   During games pressing [Alt]+[Tab] to switch-over back to Windows.

   Jdete to the directory games, to the subdirectory Userdein_nahmesave.

   Here find set mammal.fps. The either abandon or rename and return

   with back to games...



   As above, just at play press [Alt]+[Tab] and get into        Windows, there just open components where have you installed OF and here go to the      subfolder Users, then to the components with your in the name of, further to the Saved and here with          next way a little bedevil - you must with that is view either to the campaings and     their subfolder, if you want attempt life position from campaign, or                   missions\xxJmenoMise.island if you want attempt life mission. V subfolder           "rake up" and abandon, brought forward or rename set mammal.fps and get back to games (possibly icon on chief panel).

4) invincibility:

   Start your mission and run till then, beyond with catch it to helicopter.

   Waiting few seconds and leap out of helicopter. Jump out in face of thereby beyond

   start scream about helicopter. Become invincible till then,

   beyond happen to the target area and finish level. Heed - reputedly reads only      for demoverzi !


5) change armature :

   Start play some lion, then pressing [Esc] and [Alt]+[Tab]. This way with       have out from games to the Windowsu. Find yourself components Operation Flashpoint,      in she Users, in of that then our name and somewhere in this directory will set        Weapons.cfg. Open up him, find yourself there his hracea (in first            fourteen leveloch is it David Armstrong) and rename all M16 on M21       (is it good sniperka) or on other weapon. Put yourself it and get back to        games by the help of [Alt]+[Tab]. Give castback and lion with you unloaded with changed           armature. This cheat malfunction in initial levelech, because with neda           find set Weapons.cfg.


6) tip :

   Exploited frequent mistakes on side - you can possibly skirt windows houses (it with puts      use largely in mission, where have you steal documents), or - as far as with it           lead - slip fence (it is possible use everywhere).


   1) when you are going long distance and suppose that there nobody will not, games

      yourself acceleration, it won't be take so long !

   2) when fire away, shooting only with optics !!! Is it many a time more accurately.

   3) as far as has weapon possibility fashion paper automatic machine, certainly it utilize (reads only for         short distance to the 100 metre).

   4) as far as have you internet, make a detour on pages flashpoint.unas.cz and as far as          even have not, skinning yourself patche until version 1.46 ! Repare lot mistakes         and you can yourself draw off addony, campaign and so on

   5) when you are agonized and you do not know how already mission do,try to others

      in a way way be enough !

8) saving games :

   You want yourself put games during mission more than once beyond once ? Just switch-over from games       by the help of [ALT]+[TAB] to the Windows, in nichz yourself somewhere brought forward content directory        Users\Saved\Campaigns\1985. With that will possible put yourself games again, whereas       former savegame you will have all the time available in directory, where you are yourself him      advance. This a little ham-handed progress now you can repeat until            alejuja ;).


9) Czech to the games (unverified) :

   Edit set Flashpoint.cfg, which with find in master director games.

   V this set find row Language and vice "English" write "Czech"     (quote there must stay !). This way changed set put and start games.

   A this way would looked instruction on honour-well to the games ...


   Remark : according to Milana Báèi (M.Baca@list.cz) it is necessary in face of initiation games      extend file attribute Flashpoint.cfg "only for reading". Otherwise you play         set again overdrink oneself to the English. Function it is said and on datadisku Operation      Flashpoint Resistance, only with Czech portrayals without diacritical.

10) V CZ version games you can see sight Christmas-tree with loot ... reach for of that        so, that yourself in computer extend date 24.12. and mould games. Now will         on side place smrcku Christmas-tree !!!


11) when you must tramp any long trace, press [+] be the side stroke and       [backspace] and play with you spurs, but when it press once more, so      it will even quicker ! When it you want give back, so press [-].        When yourself games speed up, so with emulators to the you without consequence miss !


12) at night mission be more than a match for scotopic vision, extend maximum brightness on        monitor.

    On destruction tank gunship you must strain on some of the rackets (kanonem        it fact doesn't go).


13) tip on mission :

   V mission, where have as one's task fall to one's share with crash pilot back on               American base, try to after arrival gunship again to the he get in and       fly away, perhaps you on for the first time catch (or rather shoot dead -  me with it state        nejmin fivefold), but checking it along - is it simplest way, how          with from there catch it.


14) tip on mission :

    V of that mission, where have you destroy 1. scud with me much unworkable creep according to            instruction on the hill, because from here isn't the scud see. Found I am not half bad way : with twos ride on base, where waiting Your gunship,          mount him to the one's and fly up, where's scud. If you want          called in even support, but it is not necessary. At that manner be not only         unmade scud also all else enemy.


15) tip on demoverzi games :

    When will you come from behind to M113, so yourself you can take bud' bombshells or ammunition       to the M16 (like should you come to dead tommy).


16) unfortunately cheat on immortality malfunction, but you needn't despair of, on flabby with   at each remove puts draw down God mock-up trainer.

V mission flight from captivity with puts run off on Mi24. Act this way : directly remount base, begins SpetzNatz something drivel Russia. Jdetee behind him till after bushy tail Mi24, there with turn about 90 quadratic transport and jdete edgewise home and approach to helicopter. This way overmatch chance, that it neschytate - buy it helicopter


17) Undercover

This mission with puts skirt heaps simpler and without casualties. After crossing over first patrols come in small clachan and then to the second, where's next watch. V instruction is by typing, that when will you want walk around Russians after green field, will you persecute. BUT IT IT WALKS ! When cross over over first patrols and come in of that small clachan, about that have we are type, turn transport.

Among woods you will see green field. Cross over after she on platform. Warning from fellow traveller guerrilla yourself cut. After those platform with published to castle. On the way run against insider Russians. Start after you fire away, but you jdete further. When you will go along from them and will you be lucky, so perhaps shoot all only a few tommy and nicol no-slain. To me hurt only one's tommy. Prijdte to castle and alone transcendency in face of master glory in tower. Simple trust that ?


18) V mission, when with with patyzany from Everonu pain catch it on their castle, with switch-over at a map, Choose cards group and notice nominal patyzanu.  Special, resembling name (only with diacritical) shall they and creator games.


19) from roof leap into dross tree, have you good view and enemy you handily undetected.

How quickly thrust forth games ? [Alt] + [F4]


20) Exploding Stisk :

Slew you enemy ? Nezoufejte, I have to you instruction, how with reinkarnovat. Is it simple. Just, when you zabijou, so simply press up Control and with that only 4x behind you press steppe Back. A now only start. A is it. Be about, well and even with you eke out st. with and drink.


21) in components dtasound.pbo find strains surrounding world (largely singing bird).

In components DataConfig find set dtavoice.pbo - likewise strains, this time

however voices men. For unpacking these components will you have need of programme WinRipper.


22) at last mission, when have you get friend and it get on for beer, be about at once several possibility, how with towards them catch it :

1. Dotankujte yourself Russian helicopter at the airport and for friend fly with she.

2. Jdete to by two jolly good fellow, who stand about near second helicopter and they with you     offer, that you carry.

3. Get personal car and motoring for them.

4. Stopnete some jolly good fellow in skodovce and get a lift him.

At the end yourself already relish final peep.


23) V gold version (cz), resistance(cz) and in r hammer (eng) me go only these

cheaty : savegame, campaign and endmission. Progress is well writing in point 1.


24) as far as have you scotopic vision and will not, to was granular picture, so pressing

[V] (it is possible you mete), or [B] (binoculars) - picture will clean and have you super view !


25) only such perception : islands from OP there have been and in reality. Malden  in Pacific, Kolgujev in the north Russia and Everon (take a look at young queues today from 17. 1. 2005, appendices on ways) with name in reality though necking (Croatia), but take a look at form island, position 25% cities + position airport and range.


26) tip :

As far as at last mission fly and on everonsky castle (former base guerrilla), ally to you another friend from wars, which champion guerrilla. Biding tower hopping up.


27) when played games (I have version 1.75) about Christmas (24.12), so with there change fabric some sapling - shall they Christmas decorations and be under they loot !