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Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4

2. 5. 2007
Jdete to the Options -> Cheats and set following code :

FBIAGENT - accessing matrix mode (pri gambado with yours flight slow down)

BELIKEERIC - consummate Rail (ride after banisters and toll)

FREEWHEELIE - consummate Manual (ride after fore or back wheel)

I'MYELLOW - continual special

MOON$HOT - decrease gravitation

Watch_Me_Xplode - all previous cheaty + cheaty that have yourself you can buy, retrieval of all levels, filmecku and secret skejtaku (Eddie, Jango Fett, Mike Vallely, Daisy)

1) tips :

As far as so be in a tight spot therewith how in caries obtain setting imposition and doesn't go you it, so with it do so, that call on some figure, above that is dart and press button for GRAB and throw him speech and he you say, what be to make and you can go thereon (at least this way is it in DEMU)

Buzz-bomb wheels motoring always straight as far as tower and upstairs. From behind is

in tower pit and when to the she jump and then slejtujete, so with catch it on

roof home.

SKATE TENNIS : at once in first wheels yourself give path and ride on tennis-court and there underfoot overlies racket, motoring then there and throw with she as it were speech (button for GRAB) and will you tennis, but with profikem.

Car - whether you are yourself of that notice, so on side is news, that with puts hold automobiles. So it with puts do very simply : come to a out and hold darts forward and he with catches and then you can darts let go.

New manual trick : Again be about new manual trick. Act with wo (somehow so) YAAHHOOOOHOOOUUU, or what. Certainly nota bene in setting trick and then alone him do and you will see possibly how CAMBERELLO dance in face of skejtem.

2) odd job

At once in first wheels, that is in demu, yourself you can at-earn with dustman, je1

it simple trust. As far as you are with for some 100 dollar they could not catch it, so motoring by the road as far as dustman out and then enter he, with that have you around about 40 seconds, so that yourself gather to 50 dollar, that are above road. Simply enter dustman automobiles, that have with very reveal on road and there always skipping and will you get 50 dollar, because the automobiles popojizdeji, but as far as it no-pursue in a given time, never mind - just it redo, but HEED - you can them gather to only certain number of !

3) all brew tip :


V 1. wheels - at once when go by the road - so you will see green coffers

on electrical with notice DANGER, them to a she raid. Thanks he gone on him

some LIP trick and wire start short-circuit and will below high voltage and

nearside screens you skyrocket numbers (MUSTN'T IT IT CROSS 100!), so you quickly jump on wire and all the time is slejtujte and the numbers you will hunky-dory as far as zero, then catch it some you increase, strictly speaking 500 - is

it giant at-earnings.

How on manual gimmickry ?

It with me pta always every - in special trick yourself extend some manual trick, possibly CASPER and give him combination, possibly [<-] [->] for promise and then on side gone SPECIAL, which have need of on all special gimmickry and then already motoring and quickly click [<-] [->] and button for Slejt.

Operating :

As far as yourself always cannot habituate to new operating on numerical keyboard,

so yourself him change, but every with me always pta "HOW ?" Is it simple trust :

when start games, so with you reveal table, there throw controls

and then clicks thereon, what you want change, then ASSING and then keys, which you want. Here be possessed classical from THPS 2 :

Ollie - [spacebar]

rail - [V]

Grab - [B]

Kick - [C]

But as far as you are pass THPS 2, so yourself long way faster adapt to upon this operating :

Ollie - [spacebar]

rail - [C]

grab - [V]

kick - [X]

Nollie - [B]

Switch - [G]

Spine - [K]

camera - darts on numerical keyboard.


As far as disuse cheaty and cannot always do at last lion of those 500

000, so you something advise : you are-if on ucku and do you get me? gimmickry as I, possibly JAPAN + VARIAL KICKFLIP + MELON (vic on ucku perhaps uncontrolled), so with you it multiply only 3x, but as far as at fall press button for NOLLIE, so it you it do ReVert and multiply with it 4x ! But it isn't everything - as far as they are ucka near themselves, so you it not only multiply, but straight too at fall give ReVert (nollie) and at once then starting on ucko and do you get me? next vert trick, so with it numeration along ! So in this way be able to do gimmickry behind 200 000 !

4) as far as with you want view on one presetting stejtaky, just in cell with in the name of (at node edit stature) order one znasledujicich nominal:

#$%@! Aaron Skillman Adam Lippman Andrew Skates Andy Marchal Angus Atiba Jefferson Ben Scott Pye Big Tex Brian Jennings

ConMan Captain Liberty Chauwa Steel Chris Peacock Danaconda

Mobs Stohl DDT DeadEndRoad Fritz Gary Jesdanun

Grjost Henry Ji Jason Uyeda Jim Jagger Joe Favazza

Jow John Rosser Kenzo Kevin Mulhall Lindsey Hayes

Kraken Lindsey Hayes Lisa G Davies Maya' Daddy Meek West

Little Man Marilena Rixfor Mat Hoffman Matt Mcpherson Meek West

Mike Day Mike Lashever Mike Ward Nolan Nelson Parking Guy

Mr. Brad Nolan Nelson Parking Guy Pete Day Pooper

Peasus Rick Thorne Stacey D Stacey Ytuarte Team Chicken

Sik Ted Barber Todd Wahoske Top Bloke Zac ZiG Drake


(untidy nor neukladejte these stature, could you damage attempt life set)

5) mini-games:

V one levels you can find interlude, behind that have catch it after their successful performance 500$.

and) College

1) Garbage day - as far as at once at the beginning lion turn over on crossing to the right, you will see in face of you dustman car. When at him jump in, mould imposition in that have you must gather up at full blast 50$ paper money.

2) High voltage - as far as go from start left, you will see business "Billy' Sporting Goods" and at once to the right from he with find dinky green light box. Make on she "Lip trick" and mould games in that have you must return tension again on zero thereby, that will you drive wire electric lead.

3) Tennis - run over on tennis-court and next-door nets you will see underfoot tennis rackets. Offer with you possibility initiation, which acknowledge keys for'' Grab'' .

b) San Francisco

Save The Sea Lions - go up where you was order imposition "Race it get the Camera", locate of his attention on two binoculars. The to the right be but opinion on-coming location - Alcatrazu, the to the left start, as far as near he stop, interlude in that have save seal in face of eat shark namely by the help of fast squeezing keys for "Ollie" (only for cynical and fast player).

c) Alcatraz

Mysterious Voices - run over up where you was set imposition "Get and for Score: 100,000 point", notice square field for baseball. In the middle of field is rise, where you can start baseballovy contest, in which you must strike out over wall (apiece homerun is 25$).

d) London

Fighting girls - near places where you are serve "Rodney' flatland training" is bridge, below that is local bookmaker near nehoz yourself you can bet on either maidens. As far as win, behind quittances catch it 100$.

e) Zoo

1) Eggs drop - this mini-games find vptaci cage, where her to mould by the help of keys for "Grab" in proximity handbasket. Purposes is hunt up of all 10 ova.

2) Rhino fight - in run rhinoceros using keys for "Grab" on attendant, whereby mould mini-games where yourself will you may put in who destruction lose, foreground. that with crimps both.

3) Monkey - enter run giraffes and subsequently to the big iron door and quote with vpavilonu monkey. Interlude start near red buttons.

f) Carnival

1) Target practice - after start motoring to the left till you will see like one from tabernacles shooting-range and near she leant popguns. After start mini-games you must press right buttons accordingly on what target with just now find cursor.

2) Lumberjack - go even bit along till they shooting-range and you will see display stand where you can compete who excel wood-cutter. Behind here mini-games you don't get no money !

3) Pig gamete - till get over Competition (contest) and realize imposition, where on same places do you get me? Lip gimmickry on transparency, will appear you here mini-play where have as one's task trammel pig. Behind here mini-games you don't get no money !

4) Horror House - A last interesting thing, what with here puts do, is visit with building horrors (Horror House). Notice that, that about whole houses lead rail and ends on two opposite parties widow. As far as to the one's ztechto places drive in, quote with on couple seconds vDome horrors.

6) how with catch it to the pavilion Marineland in Zoo :

As far as with dissatisfied with message from Kennyho near entrance, that "Aquarium and duty-setting position today", drive up to houses in face of lion's run. You will see elephant and his attendant. As far as you nor at help, when you attendant say, that elephant hasn't like, when with about skejtuje, nothing unchallenged, gone this : jump out on already mentioned cottage and then some, harmonious abrupt right on the elephant. Then with only just peep on wo-circulatory animation and have you word for word free passage through.

7) how play back filmecky (without cheatu):

As far as you assault play back yourself filmecky directly in Windows, run against some news edgewise creator games. Filmecky already that is are not only usual AVI files, that have go play back in every tape deck (as that be in at two previous part). As far as you indeed this (uneasy) trick undiscouraged, is here solving. What ktomu have need of :

1) CD2 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4, whereat they are these files money on deposit

2) Z internet struck programme Rad Video Tools (www.radgametools.com) http://www.radgametools.com/down/bink/radtools.exe

After installed programme Rad Video Tools yourself from CD2 make copy all files (data001.tgr - data027.tgr) somewhere disc. Then only change desinence of all set TGR on BIN and you can yourself it at once let go.

8) to tips/ New manual trick : this trick with name Ahhh Yeahhh! and is already in Tony Hawk' for Skater 3.

K how play back filmecky (without cheatu) : suffix with must commuted to BIK nor BIN.

9) brew tip :

V lion San Francisco I am detected secret abstract, whereby it is possible with catch it on higher floor one’s building. To the abstract with catch it this way : at once at the beginning lion turn left, projede round step and round the corner again left. Are there kabinka abstract, to which enter and ..... whereas you are with it quote ?

V lion London try to pass round ambulatory cop. As far as will you too slow, cop you knock down its quarterstaves.

V lion Carnival jdete to the arena, where have you catch pig. As far as with you it successful, behind you with reopening barn, in that have differ near-ramp. You must jump out on of that biggest and then jump out on roof barns. Are there bonusova exercise, to that have would with otherwise perhaps have not got.

Notice that in lion Zoo, that when go into a place Marineland and jump out on U-ramp, opposite you, will with you in left parts screens do arithmetics any numbers. Did not come they are even thereon, what stand for, but as far as it somebody don't you know, so write.

Try to with in Zoo clutch at elephantine bushy tail and elephant you will pull.

V lion College with at the beginning dextrorotation and go out after portfolio superimpose automobiles on mirador. States there two chaps and something drink. For a while with near they stop and one of themselves yourself sadly break wind.

V lion Chicago it is one o'clock building, which have about one two stone lion. As far as along both two lion do promise, so revive and start chasing people round. HEED : Both of them promise be due to do at intervals 10 seconds !

V San Franciscu after salvages painter in face of shark (promise on metal ropes confirmative stone ball) ball already will never be. But when yourself mould free skat and San Francisco, ball ther's and even secured currency ropes. The you can slidovat how many times you want and nothing with no-stop, only you it crediting gap :

V Alcatrazu is secret place, where with find gap. From of your starting position go right and in and you should go out on the spot named Switchbarks. From places exit with give transport and chop around so, so that were en face to thin ramp, that is further than those grande to the left. Ride on ni and on she break through glass and get into so-called Chimney (chimney). That is why and gap with name Chimney gap.

At once in first lion try to go off here roof. Is it on the whole hoot. Near of that is of such glass (other building), so it with puts break. On the whole good reputation.

Always excel do !!orderly!! special and put together him with undertaking, beyond more weak trick (cobble).

Perhaps best and najtezsi special is Indian 900. Najunikatnejsi special is AhhhhYeahhh!! - manual. Try out and you will see.


V course ZOO is enclosure for giraffes, drive in there and you will see reopening door. Go up of those door and you will see red zvvon. Show breeze it offers, here mould and monkey after you will throw dropping. When bend aside to all, catch it 1000 §.