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Warcraft 3 : The Frozen Throne

2. 5. 2007
During playing pressing [ENTER], display with dialog box, to the whose you can type following code. After setting code pressing [ENTER] for its enabled. As far as was cheat engaged well, display with report CHEAT ENABLED.

WarpTen                  - speed up formation

IocainePowder            - single-level memory fatality/analysis

WhosYourDaddy            - immortality

KeyserSoze #             - add you # gold

LeafitToMe #             - add you # wood

GreedIsGood #            - add you # gold and wood

PointBreak               - quashes limit on food

ThereIsNoSpoon           - without any stint manna

StrengthAndHonor         - no-lose no mission

itvexesme                - neutral no mission

Motherland [rasa][level] - jump to the laid lion

SomebodySetUpUsThBomb    - lose mission

AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs - win mission

WhoIsJohnGalt           - start research

SharpAndShiny            - all upgrade

IseeDeadPeople           - disclose map

Synergy                  - ignoral progressiveness under development (access to   

                           to all)

RiseAndShine             - shift time on morning

LightsOut                - shift time on evening

DayLightSavings          - switch day/night

DayLightSavings #        - shift time on engaged o'clock

TheDudeAbides            - fast cooldown

whosyourdaddy-One        - without any stint HP


Remark :

All cheaty you can type small letters and you needn't is type as indicated sometimes big sometimes small !

Remark 2 : Czech version datadisku with name Warcraft 3 icy throne and function near she like cheaty as with English version.

Extra-Levely are also in datadisku. Find is in Warcraft 3 Frozen Thorne/Scenario. Be about map Monolith,where face elaborative with monster and alternative map where with will-o'-the-wisp stand tower with the view of protection of a great tree.

Installation - as far as have you original Warcraft 3 installed somewhere on HDD, then he you must catch it on introductory parties HDD. E.g . C:\Warcraft 3 or D:\Warcraft 3.Installation Frozen Thorne it will demand.


Greedisgood - specification : aspiration you quota wood and gold. Most it is possible evoke one million (1000000). More already herewith cheatem ungot nor coin in addition. As far as but something spend, then yourself you can to the one's million again add.

Whosyourdaddy - infinitely health and gigantic power for all your stature


Butcher :

V sixth mission allied campaign find left behind first camp orku spectre in the name of Butcher, certainly of that groom do you know from Diabla !


V lion, where must skirt messenger sea is in the corner map brewer.


Find-if in orci campaign pontifical crutch ancestral, you can yourself at-practise sorcery big armies. First hero use here stick and then her to puts next heroes, the her to again use and progress you can soever repeat.


Secret stature

Remember on here stature from Starcraft, which she should have be vkampani behind dark Elfy ? Author yourself a little play so here we've three more. As far as you are is find out, nezoufejte, here they are :


Info : This futuristic ork from universe using to duel flame-thrower (compensation

behind plamenometnika near Terranu in Starcraft). His force interlock high damage

and single-level memory rapidity flame-thrower. Is but somewhat easily zabitelny, for one's sake zero

Love. In more be hard sick sorely.

Assault terrestrial and air troops


Info : Powerful Zergska spectre,slain enemy its killing poisonous

projectiles. Strong, but easily zabitelna. More = smrici wave. Leave in

yourself and strains from Starcraftu.

Assault terrestrial and air troops


Info : Dinky spectre from Zergske armies. By herself with unpaid and is good only

in more. Has of all secret put up njemene life and onslaught.


Info : Powerful Terransky fighter equipped Pulzni armature. Is prepotent and lot

quickly fires. Disadvantage is again zero armoured.

Assault terrestrial and air troops

How is obtain ?

As far as at least a little can tamper with World Editorem, then yourself create any

map or yourself open map, where troops you want have. Elect Unit Pallete and

e.g . near player 1 (red) evoke in moulding below, Neutral and in moulding to the right

Campaign. First 5 put up seat the Starcraftove and be about even special

orkska ship, which with can float overland.

According to contributor in the name of Mato Turay (turaym@naex.sk) with secret stature no-give

create in World Editoru and only secret stature in believed to be Hydralisk in second

mission behind night elf. Has hereto somebody some other piece of knowledge ? Edition.

Latent new nation

In World Editoru evoke in Unit Pallete nation Neutral - Naga and on the right give

Campaign. Be sufficient you from the beginning worker and major base, remainder yourself then

produce. As far as yourself games you want do interesting. swing yourself for its nation

worker men, orku, nemrtvych, dark elf, nag and bloody elf. Worker

bloody elf find in humans in a group Campaign.

Nation nag can quiet compete other nation. Has prepotent fighter,

has and magician, hero with powerful faery. Majority their troops can swim

after upgrade. Shall they and defensive tower. Simply everything, that would 'd new nation have.

Classical four-spot nation certainly do you know (orkove, men, dark elf, no-dead). Indeed with datadiskem icy throne putting next four-spot new nation. V charted editor yourself in palette troops evoke nation men and in cell, where be written "Skirmish" prekliknete on campaign. On third lines and on third column them to a third places :) worker bloody elf. Bloody elf they are lot resembling people, only with in somebody's a little distinguish. Further just turn over on orky and find last postavicku first line and column, is it worker hairy orku. Hairy orkove they are more resembling orkum from second WarCraftu. Now full on neutral - nagove. Last period is worker. Nagove go once dark elf, but shall they quite a different troops. Last nation they are special Dreanejove. Neutral - Outland - 5.column - 2.period.

Kael - about voice hereof hero with elderly like fellow, which dub Crockera in Vietcong.


TenthLevelTaurenChieftain - play special ditty


As far as played campaign, so in chaps 4 behind elf, where have you buckler messengers, as long as with you don't get on high sea, is in left lower horn pandarensky brewer. When with to him Maiev transfer machine, run off telling ridiculous message and let to the fore sandals with dexterity +3.


Map in Starcraftu used like encoding like programme ICQ !! (*scm)

Computer on side is blunt. Just survive couple onslaught and cut him off from revenue mineral and gas and then him liquidate.