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Warcraft 3 : Reign of Chaos

2. 5. 2007
During playing pressing [ENTER], display with dialog box, to the whose you can type following code. After setting code pressing [ENTER]. As far as was cheat engaged well, display with report "CHEAT ENABLED".

  RESULT                  - activate cheat mod

  WarpTen                  - rychlostavba

  iseedeadpeople           - disclose map

  allyourbasearebelongtous - win mission

  thereisnospoon           - without any stint manna


WHOSYOURDADDY            - immortality

  KeyserSoze ####          - add requisite quantity gold (pr. 5000)

  LeafItToMe ####          - add requisite quantity wood

  GreedIsGood ###          - add  ### raw materials

  PointBreak               - without any stint foods

  TheDudeAbides            -  fall of temeperature

  StrengthAndHonor         - without overthrow

  ItVexesMe                - without  victory

  WhoIsJohnGalt            - research

  Synergy                  - technological  tree

  RiseAndShine             - daybreak

  LightsOut                -  nightfall

  DaylightSavings [hour] - extend gambling club  time

  SharpAndShiny            - automatic homepage

  Motherland  [r]  [l]     - extend races (r) and lion (l)

  IocainePowder            -  single-level memory fatality

  Pozn.: Cheaty with doesn't need to type in capitals !


Remark : all the time clicking on animals (sheep, pig apod.) causes bloody effect.

1. You want yourself see through videos ? No problem. In components MOVIES find         files MPQ, that have open in usual Windows Media Playeru and then already with     only girl's.

2. The what finish Warcraft III thereof certainly know but what if... On side behind         dark Elfy is in second chaps secret surprise. Fall to one's share as far as

   desolate ballista and over them is bit transport dinky clearing. By the help of          ballista yourself probourejte through the wood ways excepting clearing and here find small            surprise from games Starcraft. Indeed what you already no-reveal.

1. Killing animals : when will you zigzag mouse pointer on sheep or bull,         animal before long detonate.

2. Videos : in directory Movies they are all videos :

   TutorialIn.mpq - inter

   TutorialOp.mpq - in face of tutorialem

   HumanOp.mpq    - zacatok Human campaign

   HumanEd.mpq    - end Human campaign

   UndeadEd.mpq   - end Undead campaign

   OrcEd.mpq      - end Orc campaign

   NightElfEd.mpq - cone-shaped NightElf campaign

  Just yourself is somewhere over-print with suffix .avi and you can yourself is normally        play up e.g . in Media Playeru.

As far as cannot find laid postavicku on map and have on she tap, so just press on face.

Nekromanceri (workers) doesn't need to after wherefore construction building state, because do bases and building with stand selves. They can quiet go away. Same Prottosove in Starcraftu.

Tip :

When longer clicking all the time on like stature, says variety of witty message - largely in Czech version games. For every character they are message other.


Extra map on side (mini-games) :

Najedte in menu to the Custom Scenario. V directory to the Scenario and here they are two extra map.

1) map The DeathSheep : Playing behind of the human hero, which with must offset murderous sheep. Heed, but in those map is and other operating games. Cannot with move forward nor to the back. Simply with only move left and transport key [S] (left) and [H] (transport). On mouse near those map forgotten. Zoom too doesn't go. This map them to a score, that have with shows during games. Step by step will sheep swell and will here and pig. Yep and so female, behind which get lives (at the beginning have you six life). During games with hero load jakousi by force and can kill all on screen buttons [ESC]. When to the you any sheep trush in, over screens with reveal big red, bloody notice SPLAT and take with you life. When all of you lives take, you will see animation how does your hero falls and rush at him herd cormorant sheep.

2. Map Warchasers : From the beginning played behind elf glow-worm (dark elf - worker) and with that with get to several hero. To the one of themselves with you can embody. A with that behind he browse some dungeonem. At the end is big boss.

Next tips :

1) when at play press button [PrintScreen], lie down  picture from games, as well, like the was in Warcraft II. Picture with bed in components Screenshots. It is possible do lashings pictures. A heed - one picture nibble almost 8 megabyte.

2) in 2. chaps behind dark elf is at point of the three desolate ballista behind timber zergska period from Starcraftu. Namely Hudralisk (such the worm, which could fire away after planes). Be about here in practice neutral troops. Has 700 life and neutoci up to you and as far as to the he fire away. Walks kill. When him kill, disappear.

But heed : when to Hydralisku arrive very near with  hero, so with to you add ! Perception us sent Frank Horrigan -  franc.horrigan@list.cz.

3) everyone, what play Warcraft III : REIGN OF CHAOS perhaps knows, that wheel on mice walks games put near or take away. Every but doesn't need to know, that key

[Insert] and [Delete] you can wind and to the side.


Secret place ?

In second chaps behind nemrtve is bit south from starting position wood and behind him waterfall. Probourejte with conveyance bodies over timber and reach the waterfall. Over screens blink big picture 2 fighter pand and type with Nalezeno mystery - Pandaranske Relaxaèní territory. I don't know though, what it entails, but be likely it mystery, or secret place. Remark edition : as far as thereof somebody don't you know something much, write us !


4 tips :

1) enough helps formation massive bastion from projectile tower. Is it expensive, but definitely is it useful.

2) against already above-mentioned bastion reads only couple progress. First : from safe distance attack catapult, or somebody's other with distant gun-range. Second : as far as is rampart from one's forest edge to second (like dike) play card well charge at tolerable armies on one limit and step by step rampart violate or only on limit break through. Isn't is good assault centre rampart, because there you are within range almost of all defensive tower.

3) isn't good have armies only for either kind troops. Is need combine. A every time keep at the back and some wizard and catapult.

4) seize lot down. Composedly extract and on more places all of a sudden. Pits be in those games more than responsible position.


Greedisgood  - aspiration you quota wood and gold. Most it is possible evoke one million (1000000). More already herewith cheatem ungot nor coin in addition. As far as but something spend, then yourself you can to the one's million again add.


Two tips :

1. tip :

Uurcite you are yourself notice, that with in those games variation in night and day and in the is the

advantage, because neutral troops at night kips and you yourself you can see through


2. tip

At his ways you can run against :

and) neutral troops :

Zanechavaji successive useful bracket, assault everybody's and at night kips.

b) office :

From men in village you can catch it imposition, after performance catch it useful gismo or troops.

c) camp mercenary :

Behind gelt you can enlist mercenary.

d) laboratory goblinu :

Manufacture with here mechanical troops, that have you can be at sb.'s disposal.

e) business goblinu :

Here yourself you can buy useful gismo.

f) well :

Support manna and life.


Tip :

First onslaught computer always be sometimes in 9 minutes games. Accordingly yourself you can time, when it get on for defence cities.


After finish games on hardest burdensomeness you will projection exhibit from games Starcraft 2.


Sending you tip as to "uncanny" Pandarenniho relaxacniho territory in 2. mission behind nemrtve in Warcraftu 3. Just with conveyance bodies make a hole in couple tree and with Arthasem with catch it to camp snow men, that is above waterfall. All traction mission is at all peliculiar. When yourself uncover map you will see, that here is in addition 2x Tichondrius - once yourself play with mortal and next time them as sheep secret in the middle of down on map behind timber.


The what have not mouse with wheel and want yourself near and dilatory, so press [Page Up] and [Page Down] and have you it.


Correction, specification Cheatu :

Greedisgood - aspiration you quota wood and gold. Most it is possible evoke one million (1000000). More already herewith cheatem ungot nor coin in addition. As far as but something spend. then yourself you can again to the one's million add.

Whosyourdaddy - infinitely health and gigantic power for all your stature.

All cheaty you can set small letters or how with you it throws.


You want have survey in his troops ? It is possible of that reach for by the help of keys 1-9

(no on numerical keyboard) namely so, that yourself pick out some "set", mark

is and pressing e.g . [CTRL] + [1]. Mark second, press [CTRL] + [2] and so on

With that what's will you have need of, pressing [1] or [2] and have you is mark.


Whosyourdady - except health and force too at a blow kill rival and his


Nevyplati with you always do hero, better stand behind yourself whacking armies

dragon, who flying, so that no every period is can hit and shall they major

force. (This tip routing Luke turtle - bow-A flat.hero@list.cz statement, that

it isn't so quite truth and sent us following warrant :

1. No everybody's race has dragon, shall they is only Nemrtvi (frosty Wyrm) and dark Elfove (chimaera), in humans it they are pilots dragonish hawk and horsemen on Gryfonu and near Orku

These are Wywerny and Trolli Netopýrníci, however these are not dragon.

2. Letajici troops neziskavaji experience like hero and mostly nekouzli, whereas hero has major immunity, ability use subjects, act after levels and castigate its faery.)


On side yourself give Single player - Custom gamete and pick map DRAGON MOUNTAIN.

Upon this map with find dragon, who guarded heavy expenses dragonish nest. When  is

knock down (HEED - two shall they lion 10, perhaps four lion 9 and last four lion

8), you can yourself therefrom clutches buy those dragon.

V map plaguelands with find teleportacni building, without that would with on map

nedalo move.


Biggest panda of all time :

V fifth chaps campaign behind dark elf is cache next surprise ! With our groupuscule with research north-easter part map, where for tsromy cannot along. Furionem Stormionem developed on mushrooms (timber) magic, whereby does from tree enty. Proklestete yourself thereby approach to neutral troops named, quote : "Biggest panda of all time". Succeed animacka, where with this bulky monster tramp to you. Have over 2000 life and onslaught 60-90, so that heed !


Key [~] yourself mark of free worker.

As far as have you choice troops, so when click on picture troops in combination with :

[CTRL]        - choose only troops election type

[SHIFT]       - choose only troops, at what will you zigzag

As far as afterpiece games on hardest burdensomeness, will you projection short exhibit from games StarCraft 2, which he'll ride only on WarCraft 3 enginu.


Several counsel :

1. Think of of his base, nechte yourself there troops in reserve 

2. Fight with its hero for better obtaining levelu

3. Guard state of your raw materials                                    4. Every race has other specificity, accordingly yourself selection races

5. Try occupy new goldmine at exhaustion sych

6. Wherewith major is military, thereby better

7. Always, when with puts, used faery

8. Recruitment yourself fighter, will you have about something stronger armies

9. V campaign yourself games saving !

10. Nezapominejte yourself stand protective building, e.g . Tower

List knacker and their hero :

Men         : Paladin, Archmage, Mountain King

Nemrtvi      : Lich, Dreadlord, Dead Knight

Orkove       : Tauren Chieftain, Blademaster, Farseer

Night Elfove : Keeper of the Grove, Demon Hunter, Priestes of the Moon


As far as with you zda, that being script campaign overweight, but thereat  will not trick set password, gone this : Lose script. A till with reveal  notice overthrow!, Choose election reduce to burdensomeness. As far as played heavy burdensomeness, you will have normal. But as far as played normal, You will have light burdensomeness, which yourself cannot otherwise extend. As far as there after loss isn't possibility reduce to burdensomeness, so certainly played light. But heed ! This trick with teak only normal campaign. As far as yourself create personal campaign, you can reduce to burdensomeness, but will not there nothing light.


Wild men :

In 2.mission behind Nemrtve is place, where they are wild men. It place with find around 1st paladina and ceepu (magician). Are there post with skull and with timber. Timber probourate conveyance and in face of you with reveal way. Behind arch they are wild men, who start talk of her past (then charge at). P : it place observe the time above falls.


While using cheatu whosyourdaddy neznicite all building all of a sudden, but main building annihilate excepting next time.

Playing behind man, produce yourself one's shoot and write cheat whosyourdaddy. Charge at him on adversely base and you will see.

V Battle.flabby with cheaty no-give use, which is grande damage.

Shortcuts for Battle.net :

from     - from where are ?

lol      - laughter

noob     - weak player - swear-word

creep    - claim with hero levels

Rush     - single-level memory onslaught

pls, plz - please

thx      - I am much obliged

omg      - oh gah


Play yourself elect on heavy burdensomeness and composedly her to you can finish with code. After filming ends is coming time on Blizzardi play, where's already and therewithal enough interesting thing like :

1) onslaught orkskych by boat from WarCraftu 2 on human seat

2) barring staff headed by lord Archimondem

3) development put up from WarCraftu

4) rockovy concert postavicek WarCraftu

5) contest Rugby

Plus for it, that being games finish on heavy burdensomeness, pribyde and animation, where happen to battle Terranu and Zergu. This animation indeed isn't from some prepare games StarCraft 2, but straight from WarCraftu 3 ! Vyvojari that is import to the games at once three futuristic stature from StarCraft. Namely partly Hudraliska, whose find in campaign, but and flatfoot, Zerglinga and special flame-thrower orka - even behind these stature you can and play ! Indeed alone own-if data-disk icy throne. How these postavicky obtain, with dozvite in my description on data-disk Frozen Thorne.

Copying cheatu

So that always didn't have to plagiarize cheat on e.g . win map, just run over to the cheatru and copy text. On side then press [Enter] and classical [CTRL] + [V]. V bracket yourself that is cannot mark text.


Warmongers, be all the same to secret place there, how is room with spider, first cage on the right. When her znicite and kill spider, run in the end cage and

teleportuje you it behind wall and will tell you what it "found mystery secret place".

Are there couple spectre (weak) and at the end 4 rare subjects, whether with

unknit, it is possible there go and from opposite pother, but I don't know how.


V fifth chaps campaign behind dark elf is cache another surprise. U south-east map, where's circle may, whereupon enter with Furionem and show oneself bridge, so circle activate (thereby, that at him enter). Furion introduce magic formula and bridge with activate. But even over he nechodte. Instead jdete with Furionem up (from circle may). Are there way, on is-whereby ends is fire, that have is burning. Next-door left they are timber (mushrooms). Developed on them Furionovo magic 2. from lev - power motherhood nature. Annihilate this way mushrooms, as long as with you don't get to of such spectre. Zabte her to and stay after she truhlicka with stick disownment and Enty take off, to nezavazeli. How are there the ground, on whereat was the spectre, so with Furionem even change mushrooms, that are north next-door you from ground. Enty again take off and jdete thereon place with Furionem, where was you mushrooms, and change yet another mushrooms, that are across the river. Get with enty to to those srtnatcum (they are in the northeast - indeed simply on the way) and they are your. But how is catch it to Furionovi, that ? Simply. Just, as far as all send, to skirt harrow and they with reveal near circle may, whereat you are start bridge.


When keep with Artasem in 6 mission kill off 100 villager, so directly break building by the help of keys [Z], manslaughter even unchanging villager, who with you also include. Advantage: villager sa firmament, shall they mini life. Disadvantage is, that it you must catch quickly.